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We received these lovelies right before we were married.  Our wedding invitation is in one of them, and my sister designed a needlepoint picture of our wedding date.  The two oval pictures were handmade by my grandmother.  I love them, and have always proudly displayed them wherever we have lived.

This is one of those times when I wish I had pictures of their former homes of years past!








It’s hard to tell from the pictures but all the frames were different.  This seems to unify them and I like the look.


File It

Here are two new pieces for my new classroom:





A little bit of Old White over Duck Egg Blue (love the name of that color), plus a coat of clear wax over the top.  Here is the before:




I think they make a nice pair.





Chalk Paint Rocker

This weekend I finished our rocker with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint to match the Adirondack chairs I did last week.  Here she is before:


Bench Before


A little rough around the edges:


Bench Before


After the first coat of old white:


First coat before distressing


Another view


And after the second coat of paris grey and sanded lightly:




Much better!




Ready for  her close-up:)


Zoomed in view




She looks a little lost from this angle!


Just need a book and some iced tea!


Love this paint….


Adirondack Chairs


I have started refinishing the Adirondack chairs that we have with the Annie Sloan chalk paint I mentioned a few days ago. to work with – not kidding!  There’s very little prep to do, and the paint goes on easily.  We did have to clean our chairs beforehand though – they were resting out by the pond and our feathered friends marked them as theirs – time to take them back! Such determination on Citylogger’s face!  A man without power tools is like a cowboy without a horse:)


Prep before


After we washed them, they looked like this:


Must look worse before it looks better


This was after the first coat of chalk paint – Old White was the first color.

First coat



First coat


I let that dry and then applied the next coat of Paris Grey – it’s a real soft grey with a hint of blue.


Second coat and distressing


I then lightly sanded by hand – just enough for a little of the old white to show through:


Much Better!


This photo below shows a little more detail:






Close up


I have to say that the paint was very easy to work with, and it’s really smooth to the touch when finished.  I didn’t apply the wax that you would use if this were furniture that would go inside.  They recommend that you do not wax furniture that will be out in the elements.  I just let the paint cure for a couple of days, and that’s it!


Framed Botannicals


A while ago I was searching for picture frames.  I knew I wanted to create a small gallery wall of some sort.  As I searched around, I thought it would be nice to frame some pretty botanical prints, however they’re pretty expensive. Until I went here.  You can download prints for free!  Very exciting….and that motivated me to put them in these:




Yes…they were “buy one get one free“….love that! I would have purchased 4, however these 3 were the last ones standing on the shelf at Michael’s and they hopped in my cart….. together – imagine that!


So, I downloaded the prints, and then used scrapbook paper that looks like papyrus – notice how it’s shredded on the edges?


Matting prints


I thought it would appear as though the pages were torn from a book….but that’s just between you and me!


Ready for hanging


I left the cardboard “newsprinty” edge.  Now I need to figure out where to hang them, and I think the wall they are leaning on would look great.


All in all, this was a lot less expensive than framed botannical prints I’ve seen here and here.

And because they were free,  I won’t feel guilty if I decide to replace them when I change my mind.  There were prints that highlighted different colors to go with your decor….or mood!


Anyone else “getting their craftiness on”??


Update:   They’re up….



Another view





Another view


I had to separate them because the light switches would not allow all 3 to hang together.  They seem to be ok with it, and for now, so am I:)


Bookcase Background

Here is how the book cases looked after 2 coats of paint on the background only:




Closer Look


Another view




And here’s a before:


With fabric on the back


Before without fabric

Without fabric

And after…the change is subtle…but just enough to give the shelves a little depth.


Taking a wider angle view



The backs are two shades darker than the walls.  It’s hard to tell from these shots, as my photography skills leave a bit to be desired – perhaps that’s the next project I should work on!

Pillow Covers


Having this long President’s weekend off has been nice.  A chance to catch up on some projects that I normally don’t have time for during the week.  I found this material at Joann Fabrics for 30% off, it was the end of the bolt, and I couldn’t resist.  It looks very “retro” and I thought it would make a great pillow cover.

Pretty fabric

Love the geometric design – especially for cutting!


Love this machine




First, I brought out my machine that I purchased last summer here.  They were oh so helpful as I hadn’t even looked at machines in a long time and didn’t know what I wanted.  This one embroiders as well.


Pressing seams



Then I measured the pillow insert (18 x 18), and began ironing the seams I would later sew.  Love that this is a geometric design with lines and circles because following the lines made life a little easier!


Sewing Seams


Next, I began sewing the seams…until a little “commercial interruption”.





Oops!  My needle broke!  No worries…


Looks like an envelope to wrap the pillow insert



Back in business!  As you can see, I made the cover like an envelope – zippers and I don’t see “eye to eye” if you know what I mean:)





And there she is in all her splendor…Maybe needs a button?


Here are some other projects I’ve attempted in the last 6 months:


Curtains in office


Patchwork quilt


Table Runner



The runner and the curtains I did on my own and that fabric came from Joann’s as well.  I did take a class here for quilting, and there are always new classes posted on their website. You can bring your machine, or use one of theirs, and they will walk you through the steps of a project.


Happy Crafting!!