We have a bird ‘s nest on our front porch and under our back deck.

This guy keeps watch out front:




And then there’s these two:




I planted my herbs in a container on the deck, since I’m not having much luck in my flower beds.  There are too many critters who consider those beds to be the “All-You-Can-Eat” Buffet!



I’ll leave you with these speckled beauties:



Hope you have a wonderful week!

There was an incident in the garden today….

When heading outside after work to tend to my newly planted dahlias, I noticed something.

What usually looks like this:



Looked like this:



and another I couldn’t believe:




Sorry my finger is in the way, but there is literally nothing left except a crushed blossom.


What’s a gardener to do but get back out there and try again.




I think it’s baby chipmunks and rabbits that are stepping up to the “All you can eat buffet”!

I planted marigolds, snapdragons, and dianthus instead – will keep you posted.

Anyone have any solutions for keeping little critters at bay?

A perfect world has been discontinued.

No one bothered to tell me.  No advanced warning, no time to prepare, nothing. And to have to hear it the way I did.



Yes, indeed.  I heard it at Macy’s while browsing, as I was killing time while my car was being serviced.

My car was not being serviced at Macy’s, of course, but you know what I mean.

All kidding aside, I was in the Cosmetics Department looking for a foundation that I love called “A Perfect World”.

The salesperson searched through her files on the computer, looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m sorry, but ‘A Perfect World’ has been discontinued.  That was last available in 2012.”

How did I not know this?

How can this be?

Why didn’t anyone say something?

And what was so special about 2012?

That must be what happened to 2013…

Now, Citylogger was with me,  pretending  trying to be helpful, and choosing products that he thought I’d like. Did I say helpful?

And when he heard this proclamation, he promptly added, “As in canceled, no longer available?  Well, that’s a relief! I mean, that’s alot to live up to.”  Yes, he did.

And I began to think…..

In a perfect world, lots of things would always be available.

Like more time, more money, more hours in the day – and certainly enough of my favorite foundation when I needed it.

I then asked what was available, and she showed me a CC cream, as in color correcting, hides everything, makes you look perfect younger tinted moisturizing cream.



Probably a better mindset than perfect.

I feel better.

Perfection is so over rated anyway!

~Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Math test, here we come…..



We have sharpened pencils, protractors, rulers, motivational and funny letters, gum and mints….


What you can’t see that we also have is….

Brain power!

Go get ‘em fifth graders – you make this teacher proud!!

I’m still here, but have been crazy busy.  Now that we are on spring break, I’m enjoying a “staycation”, and a chance to catch up on much needed sleep and puttering around the house:)

Trying to see if I can get these mini herbs to grow:


Love watching these return:


Purchased this set at our local hardware store:



Finding this for the front porch:


I’m liking the navy/orange combination:)

Having to shop for a new washer and dryer has not been a highlight ~ they don’t make things like they used to!

I’m so glad that spring weather seems to be here to stay!  Enjoy your week…

I wouldn’t say that I was necessarily unhappy this time of the year, however March has always been a loooong month for me.  Citylogger is pouring on the hours spending the last 40 days in the desert of tax season.  I am spending looong hours at school as we approach testing season.

That doesn’t leave much free time. So as the saying goes……”The days are long, but the years are short,”  one must have a strategy to see past the piles of snow, gray skies, cold temperatures, and wondering if we’ve been been transplanted to another continent but someone forgot to tell us!  I long for the days of no hats, no coats, no shoes……no problem:)

So, what’s a girl to do about that?  Well, for me, it’s the little things…..

Like food shopping and errands on a Friday night – makes Saturday seem like a vacation day!

Getting my car washed – erases the salt and grime of winter – and keeps my gloves clean while loading and unloading said groceries!

Lighting a fresh scented candle.



Enjoying fresh flowers:




Committing to a walk outside every day – no excuses – however if you ask Citylogger, I can come up with a whole list of them!!




Remembering a promise that is kept season after season:



I just know these are hiding under the huge piles of snow beyond our front steps!


How about you?  How do you beat the winter blues?

Enjoy your weekend ~



Today was a fun day as Kristen and I took a drive to the Botannical Gardens.  Here is a glimpse of what we saw. You may want to click on over to Kristen’s blog to see her photos. The warmth of the sunshine and the humidity in the greenhouses just gave you the feeling that Spring is on the way.  A very welcome afternoon after the deep freeze we’ve been experiencing lately.  Happy Monday!


So, if you click on my sidebar at all, there are a host of bloggers who I read for inspiration.  I don’t know any of them personally, (except team fuest of course).  But I read this post early this morning and thought I’d leave you with the link.

Enjoy your Thursday:)

There’s just something about January that feels a little “ho-hum”.

Can you blame it? Stepping in after “ho, ho, ho” is big shoes to fill.

It seems a bit of a challenge to get back in the groove.

And the weather……let’s not talk about that:)

But we are keeping warm and remembering the good things about January.

Like camping out to eat dinner by the fire:



And making homemade sauce with meatballs in the crockpot:



And finishing all the papers that needed to be graded as well as report cards (amen):



And bringing home fresh flowers from the grocery store to remind us that spring is on the way:



Still dreaming just a little:


Tropical Island, Maldives



And remembering a special birthday….hmmm….who could that be?



That’s right….. happy birthday to the man cub!!



And the new “pet” we gave him. Meet Brutus!  I hear he’s very well trained and waits patiently for his owner every day:)



Hope you are staying warm and safe, and a very happy weekend to you!