Getting There….

I’m sure you are busy with your holiday preparations.  I made a promise this year that I would do a little each weekend so as not to feel overwhelmed and rushed.

So, we have a little sparkle going on outside.  The weather has been mild and that makes it easier to work outside.  I need to learn how to take better photos at night:)  That’s what happens when you leave for work in the dark, and come home in the dark!

Hope your holiday preparations are going well!


Winter Storm 2014

If you can get past the cold temperatures, and the blustery wind chills, travel bans, and not being able to find your driveway….

If you have heat, electricity, and enough food stocked in the pantry….

And if you don’t really have to be anywhere because they’ve closed school for the third day in a row….

It really can be a beautiful sight to behold.  Here’s hoping you are safe and warm wherever you are.


Favorite Things 2014

I’ve never  written a post like this, but thought it might be fun to give it a try.  If you’re like me, this time of the year comes around and you’re not sure what to buy for the favorite people on your list.  I’m always looking for inspiration.  So here are some things that I am liking.  Let me know what you think and perhaps share some of your ideas.  Then we can check them off our shopping list together!

First up, for those who like to cook:

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Good Reads

It’s that time of the year (at least for a book nerd like me) to cuddle up with a good read by the fire, a cup of tea, and a warm blanket.  So, I thought I’d share a few of my recent favorites.  Included are some that I’ve also read with my students.  Here goes…..

A River Runs Through It – A classic story about two brothers, family, and the choices we make, and the paths we take.  Tom and I just watched the movie, #whatwerewewaitingfor, and loved it.  Hope you will too.

Elements of Style – I’ve been following this blog for some time now, and I love this book.  Lots of inspiration, not just with decorating ideas, but how design and lifestyle are intertwined.

Wonder - If you have a middle school child, niece or nephew, then read this book with them.  You’ll laugh, you’ll need a few tissues, and you’ll never forget how this book makes you feel:)

Bud, Not Buddy - Currently reading this with my students. I’ve read it for at least 5 years now, and I discover something new every time.  This story never gets old.

There you have it!  How about you? Any good reads lately?  Hope you can find the time to sit and enjoy a good book.


Why Design?

So, while having lunch with my daughter a while back, she shared with me this quote:


I found it inspiring, and while it was written for another context, I thought I’d share. Often times credit is not given to the care, intention, and planning that goes into design.  While I am not a designer, I truly can appreciate it when I see it.  Hope you are enjoying your day!

Designingacres…all 72 of them!